Private Luxury Tailor Made Travel


It’s all about YOU, forever. We at Trinity Tours understand that your travel is special. So whether you are travelling solo, with family or friends each travel itinerary is specially designed for you. Your exclusive travel journey keeps in mind all your requirements, likes and taste just the way you want it to be. Keeping in mind your travel likes our exclusive luxury Tailor Made travel takes uncompromising attitude to your safety and expertise in bringing unexpected comfort to exotic destinations.

Tailor Made travel is designed exclusively to take you only to the places you want to go, at a time and pace that best suits you. This is totally private and journeys are private: just you, your companion(s), and your Trinity Tours local guide, who ensures you get the most out of every day of your vacation. Your exclusive travel itinerary is created by a Trinity Tours expert, who works with you or your travel professional to incorporate your interests when arranging amazing sightseeing and exclusive activities.

Tailor Made journeys are best suited if your travel style and need predominantly includes the below cases:

  • When you prefer to travel Solo, in company of your family and with close group of friends.
  • When choosing your travel dates you choose your own specific dates.
  • When travelling you like to select planning a journey that is just right for you, along with the “Must See” of any destination.
  • While planning your journey you are personally involved in planning the itineraries and the activities either directly or through your preferred travel consultant.
  • When you want to travel in at our own pace with complete flexibility in planning your journey and also gives you maximum possible flexibility during your actual journey.

When it comes to planning a journey that is just right for you, the best is to work alongside an expert — and Trinity Tours has all the professional expertise for you. These experts work enthusiastically with you so that every aspect of your journey meets Trinity Tours rigorous standards of quality and service. There is absolutely no compromise on Quality and Safety of your journey. And it has to be the very best exclusively for you. For us It’s all about YOU, forever.

The process begins with a phone call or email: simply tell us where you are thinking of going, and what you might like to do when you arrive. Your Trinity Tours Consultant then works directly with you or your travel professional to learn your needs and preferences, eventually presenting you with a Tailor Made itinerary that you refine and perfect together. Along the way, your specialist answers all your questions and suggests options. It naturally has to be the best , from the restaurants you dine in to the luxury hotels for each memorable journey days , Trinity Tours suggests and recommends the trusted choice options for you, every step of the way , which meet the Trinity Tours benchmarked high standards of quality and safety.

After meticulously planning your journey you’re all ready to go – Trinity Tours is there with you all the way. Accompanying you on your exclusive independent journey are our renowned expert local guides, naturalists: lifelong experts in your destination who know the ins and outs of every stop on your itinerary. We include time at leisure to allow you to relax and explore on your own during which we remain at your call for any assistance or support you may require. Your private journey is supported by a professional team of dedicated Trinity Tours personnel who you may encounter briefly or never meet at all, from the representative who greets you at the airports, railway Stations, dockyards for ships (By the way your transfers are always included wherever you go) to the staff members behind the scenes( constantly monitoring each aspect of your journey to ensure that highest quality standards are being complied) who make your journey memorable for you and strive to give you the best experience.

We are a organisation which believes in having strong local ties and bond with the destinations. Your private journey can include access to people and sites far beyond the reach of the average traveller. Wherever you travel, Trinity Tours is there with you while you discover your destination in unmatched authenticity and style with complete peace of mind.

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